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Where Her Heart Used To Be - Chapter 23

Author's Note: 
So I've cut out a bunch of what's actually involved in this mission, and mashed other parts together, because it would just be super boring to write or read about the entire thing and would also be insanely long. Again, sorry for the crazy gap in posting and thanks to everyone who hasn't given up on following the story. :) Hope you like this chapter, review to let me know what you think! Also this wasn't as re-read and reviewed as much as usual, so please tell me if you see any mistakes or things that don't make sense just in case...
And, thanks again to BloodAngelsCaptain1 for requesting that his pawn Zayne be in the story/letting me use him.

Ever since the ancient quarry had been cleared, merchants set up shops there for all who traveled through. Ceileigh had returned several times to either buy things or kill new monsters that tried to take up residence. She'd also explored a few other underground passages,
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Where Her Heart Used To Be - Chapter 17
Ceileigh turned her head, watching herself in her new full-length mirror as she traced the red line on her right cheek. She'd gotten the gash healed by Aleena the day it happened, but without pawn magick there was a scar left behind. Now it was too late for a pawn to take it away – she would be stuck with the mark of that goblin's blade forever. She didn't mind though, it was smooth and thin and she thought it made her look experienced. She glanced at Leandor's reflection behind her as he got ready for the day, and hoped he didn't mind either.
A week had passed since the day they rescued that woman and Ceileigh talked with Madeleine at the alehouse. Since then she'd thought of practically nothing but whether or not Leandor was actually interested in her and how to start up a relationship with him. They had worked and lived together for almost a year at this point, so she could no longer use the excuse of moving too quickly. She knew she was going against her own
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Where Her Heart Used To Be - Chapter 16
After they cleared the quarry, word about Ceileigh and Leandor started spreading throughout the city and jobs came pouring in. Many were requests to clear out monsters that were getting too close to roads or houses, or to escort people across Gransys. They got requests to fight bandits too but Ceileigh always referred those jobs to the soldiers. She still tried not to engage humans unless they ran into each other in the field and had no choice but to fight. Soon almost everyone knew who Ceileigh was and many called her Arisen, though some still doubted. Some of those doubts were due to lies spread by Mercedes, and others were skeptical about the entire Arisen cycle to begin with. Some admired her as a brave protector of the people but weren't convinced she was anything more. She found out some thought the Duke was the previous Arisen, but again there were just as many who didn't. Ceileigh was sure it couldn't be true since the last dragon appeared hun
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"Where Her Heart Used To Be" CHAPTER 1 - All comments welcome. :D


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I've had it.
It only took me about a week, but I have decided/realized...
Everyone is right.
I am going to stop being a whiny little bitch and enjoy my life.
Granted: I still hate the certain things that caused my little emotional rut the past week or so, and would still appriciate if no one brought it/them up.
But I am tired of letting them do this to me!
I have a beautiful girlfriend, a family that loves me, great friends both in real life and here on dA. God has blessed me with great things and I'm a fool for not focusing more on those!
That being said, I also want to say sorry to all of you, my friends and watchers.
You have been trying to help me, and I have brushed you off.
I also want to thank you all for doing it. And putting up with my bullshit.
But now, here I am. Coming back, and coming back swinging!!!
One more thing:
Fuck depression!!!
I'm back baby! :) (Smile) I salute you!
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WHY can I not finish my next chapter??  This is the worst writer's block ever.  The dumb thing is, I know exactly what's happening in the chapter and the entire rest of the story so it's not like I'm out of ideas.  I just can't make it HAPPEN for some reason.  Anybody have any great ideas for overcoming it?  I've tried going away from writing for a bit, working on my side stories, re-reading what I've already written, etc.  I've played Dragon's Dogma a little to see if I got any new inspiration from it.  I've read other people's stories (non-Dragon's-Dogma so I don't glom onto anyone else's ideas and stay pure to my own thoughts) or focused on proof reading for a few people.  I've even jumped around in the chapter, writing out certain scenes here and there, hoping to fuse them all together afterwards.  

Yet something's stopping me from putting down what's in my head and finally completing the chapter.  Maybe what I wanted to happen isn't what should happen after all.  Maybe I need to change its direction a little.  Ugh.  I don't know.  All I do know, is it's been over two months since I posted a chapter (on fanfiction, I have many more chapters done than what I've posted here so far) and it's not okay with me.  Halp!!


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