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"Where Her Heart Used To Be" CHAPTER 1 - All comments welcome. :D





WHY can I not finish my next chapter??  This is the worst writer's block ever.  The dumb thing is, I know exactly what's happening in the chapter and the entire rest of the story so it's not like I'm out of ideas.  I just can't make it HAPPEN for some reason.  Anybody have any great ideas for overcoming it?  I've tried going away from writing for a bit, working on my side stories, re-reading what I've already written, etc.  I've played Dragon's Dogma a little to see if I got any new inspiration from it.  I've read other people's stories (non-Dragon's-Dogma so I don't glom onto anyone else's ideas and stay pure to my own thoughts) or focused on proof reading for a few people.  I've even jumped around in the chapter, writing out certain scenes here and there, hoping to fuse them all together afterwards.  

Yet something's stopping me from putting down what's in my head and finally completing the chapter.  Maybe what I wanted to happen isn't what should happen after all.  Maybe I need to change its direction a little.  Ugh.  I don't know.  All I do know, is it's been over two months since I posted a chapter (on fanfiction, I have many more chapters done than what I've posted here so far) and it's not okay with me.  Halp!!


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Basic and/or random facts about me: I'm 33. My hometown is the real-life equivalent of Crematoria. Drinking leads to karaoke (in public) and dancing (sadly, also in public). I have a thing for pointy ears, sharp teeth, unusually colored hair (especially white) and eyes (especially red or yellow) and pale skin. Music is a big deal to me. I love animals. I hate turn-based RPGs or playing any game as a mage. Halloween and St. Patrick's Day are my favorite holidays. *looks around thinking* That's it for now.


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